Current Members

Graduate Students

Chun-Kai Chang

Research: Microheterogeneous Fluids and Chromatographic Systems
Jingyi Chen

Research: Molecular simulation of bubbly water systems
Saumil Chheda

Research: Molecular modelling of metal-organic framework systems, catalysis
Chen Fan

Research: Liquid chromatography of polymers
Wyatt Gassaway

Research: Porous Materials and Two-Phase Systems
Hisao-Feng Liu

Research: Two-Phase Systems and Chromatography
Roshan Patel

Research: Adsorption and Catalysis in nanoporous materials
Donny Shen

Research: Simulation and modeling of polymer blend phase behavior
Ramanish Singh

Research: First principles simulations of phase equilibria; Molecular Simulation Design Framework (MoSDeF)
Yangzesheng (Andrew) Sun

Research: Machine learning and artificial intelligence in molecular simulation of nanoporous materials
Tao Yang

Research: Vapor-liquid equilibria of alternative refrigerants by experiments and molecular simulations


Iain Schmitt

Research: Modeling liquid-liquid extraction separation of ethanol
Mingning (Nancy) Zhu

Research: Molecular simulation of bubbly water systems